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Neo Entertainment & Fun World Ltd.
NEFWORLD spreads her season greetings and enlightens the populace

NEF World cum My Birthday Splash wishes you all in advance a Happy Christmas and a blissful new year. It is indeed an ample opportunity reaching you via this medium and we frankly congratulate our Winners, finalists in the recently concluded contests, you all in simple words are amazing and unique in your spheres and ways of endeavours, and to our esteemed audience, followers and the general public we sincerely commend and appreciate your moral support, loyalty, participation and promotion. We value you all inestimably.

NEF World as a promising and visionary company founded with the sole aim of celebrating and promoting mankind with resilient interest in searching and grooming young and talented minds to be genius has not failed to uphold to that vision but has been working tirelessly and relentlessly towards that. We are glad to impressively replicate in our conduct and affairs the true picture of what we represent and stand for which is conspicuously characterized by our commitment and strive towards becoming the best.

Our transparency, efficiency and competence in the discharge of our services coupled with the luxurious treatments of our Winners and Brand Ambassadors has motivated and encouraged more participants in our contest which has critically led to a good strive and heightened quest for ambassadorial status by participants, which has generated high and tremendous participation and has equally contributed to making every of our contest a very competitive and fascinating one.

On this note we emphatically dismiss junk information disseminated earlier as it is nothing but a mere impractical and unsubstantiated claim. As a company we can't afford to file for bankruptcy as a result of running a charity in mask, which might constrain us from rewarding our winners and ambassadors adequately just to maintain the company's glittering fa├žade. Running a business without income or revenue will hamper the success of that business and will threaten its continuity. That's no single outstanding firm that exists without revenue to sustain its existence and we are one of those firms. So we implore you all to kindly disregard such messages.

We sincerely thank you for your support and loyalty and we wholeheartedly appreciate your meaningful and candid suggestions for improvements and sustainability of our brand, we will not hesitate to review and implement them in due course as we value your concern and contributions.

Thank you.

Happy Merry Christmas and New Year in advance!
Surprises coming your way courtesy of #NEFWorld cum My Birthday Splash